Sunflowers of Lisbon

Peering DownwardNEW Wooden FrameNEW Pieces MissingNEW
Frayed EdgesNEW Weigh DownNEW Green GrowthNEW
Like Beastly MouthsNEW Bee in the YellowNEW Rolling Grey SkiesNEW
Fuzzy BackNEW Path Through the FlowersNEW Like A DonutNEW
A Few Curled BackwardsNEW Parts ExposedNEW A Bit AloneNEW
Chewed LeavesNEW Bee SeekerNEW Against the RotNEW
Closed InsideNEW Advice From a SunflowerNEW Down in the PathNEW
Little OnesNEW Like a Flower TacoNEW Bound TogetherNEW
Yellow TorchNEW Budding GreenNEW Like a Green SunNEW
Black and YellowNEW SquashedNEW