Rocks in the Stillness  Rocks in the Stillness Log Up  Log Up Honeysuckle on Stone  Honeysuckle on Stone
Flat Rock Face  Flat Rock Face Large Stones and Shallows  Large Stones and Shallows Levels of the Mckeldin Rapids  Levels of the Mckeldin Rapids
Waters of the Rapids Mixing  Waters of the Rapids Mixing Water Movement  Water Movement Entering the Tall Poplar Trail
Light and Shaodws and Tall Trees Cautious Look Back at Me Leaning Over
Thin Path Stones On Top Cover
Rocky Shore Rapids Pouring Down Stones and Fast Moving Water
Little Enclosure Stony Field Green Reflected
Cropping Out At the Mckeldin Rapids TrailNEW Six Spotted Tiger Beetle on a RockNEW
Rapids Moving RapidlyNEW TieredNEW Three ShellsNEW
Tree Lined ShoreNEW SplashingNEW Slower WatersNEW
One OpenedNEW Dogwood BloomsNEW