Centennial Park

Pavillion H in Shadows and Light Stairs and Openings Permanent Cornhole
Bench Under Tree Rocky Shore and Red Leaves Straight Path
To Be Climbed Amphitheater in Front of the Lake Angles on Angles
Flags and Boats Great Blue Heron Standing Tall Blue, Grey, and White
Heron Side View Heron Look Approaching the Docks
Red Bridge From the Water Tight Oar Spinning
Little Blossoms Float Line Wooden Lines
Stillness Reflecting Trees Red Structure Red Bridge Crossing
Well Trod Path Persimmon Tree Submerged Rocks
Looking Up at an American Beech Tree Approaching the Lake Edge Curve
Devices Over Flowers Angled Roof
Puffs of Clouds Following the Paved Trail Through the Arboretum
One Shadow Cloud Stacks Above the Lake Bluer Than Blue
Straight Bridge Thick Woodline Big Floats
Red-spotted Purple Brushfoot Butterfly Resting on a Red Bar Colorful Lineup Flags at Half in Triplicate
Long Legs and Long Body Upside Down A Little Meal
Blooming Well in the Sunlight Coiled Hummingbird Moth Hovering
Wings and Antennae Spread Beetles Huddled TogetherNEW Small GroupNEW
At the TopNEW Right and DownNEW Standing on the RocksNEW
Fuzz TopsNEW Eating a Leaf TogetherNEW Pearl Crescent Butterfly RestingNEW
Upside Down GnoshNEW Black FeelersNEW Little HeadNEW