Tall 20th Anniversary Cake Active Santas Workshop Old School Fire Engine Parked
Decorated Houses Johnsons Bear Brass Band
People Outside Christmas Airship Building a Snowman Next to a Light Filled Tree
Fountain in Green Caddy Parked Snow Angel Maker
Playing Ball in the Cold Star and Cloud Lights and Tower
Fragile Cargo ECFD Mockup Rounding the Corner Past Captain Jacks Seafood
Lines, Buildings, and Trees Supporting Troops and Old Ellicott City Red Before Blue
Wood Choppers Pacific Holiday Train Towering Tree
Ellicott City Station Holiday Colored Trolley Santa Driving
Hand on Heart Glass Domes at the Crystal Gardens Train Passing Townhouses
Manufacturing Section Window Shopping Layers Atop Layers
Canterbury Farms Eggnog Company Mickey and Minnie Trees Behind
Happy 20th Anniversary Soldiers Candy Windmill Burning Hole
Colorful Houses and Double Dutch Reindeer Crossing Passing Under the Bridge
Trains Above and Below Red Bridge Hands Linked
Mistletoe Held High Kite Up Lantern Filled
A Little Concert Sweeping Up Santa Fe Pulling Up
Colorful Windows in Town Passing a Light On the Curve
Through the Trees White Picket Fence Spotlight and Siren
Compound and Water